SparkZol Reagent
  • A novel RHH family transcription factor aCcr1 and its viral homologs dictate cell cycle progression in archaea

    相关产品:SparkZol Reagent产品货号: AC0101
    发表刊物:Nucleic Acids ResearchIF:19.16
  • Identification of a novel heterogeneous nuclear ribonucleoprotein A2B1 (hnRNPA2B1) ligand that disrupts HnRNPA2B1/nucleic acid interactions to inhibit the MDMX-p53 axis in gastric cancer

    相关产品:SparkZol Reagent产品货号: AC0101
    发表刊物:Pharmacological researchIF:10.334
  • NKHs27, a sevenband grouper NK-Lysin peptide that possesses immunoregulatory and antimicrobial activity

    相关产品:SparkZol Reagent产品货号: AC0101
    发表刊物:Fish and Shellfish ImmunologyIF:4.62
  • CRISPR/Cas9-targeted mutagenesis of TaDCL4, TaDCL5 and TaRDR6 induces male sterility in common wheat

    相关产品:SparkZol Reagent产品货号: AC0101
    发表刊物:Plant Biotechnology JournalIF:13.8
  • Network pharmacology analysis and experimental verification reveal the mechanism of the traditional Chinese medicine YU-Pingfeng San alleviating allergic rhinitis inflammatory responses

    相关产品:SparkZol Reagent产品货号: AC0101
    发表刊物:Frontiers in plant scienceIF:6.627
  • Multi-omics study revealed the genetic basis of beer flavor quality in yeast

    相关产品:SparkZol Reagent产品货号: AC0101
  • Maresin1 Suppresses High-Glucose-Induced Ferroptosis in Osteoblasts via NRF2 Activation in Type 2 Diabetic Osteoporosis

    相关产品:SparkZol Reagent产品货号: AC0101
  • Puerarin alleviates cadmium-induced rat neurocyte injury by alleviating Nrf2-mediated oxidative stress and inhibiting mitochondrial unfolded protein response

    相关产品:SparkZol Reagent产品货号: AC0101
    发表刊物:Ecotoxicology and Environmental SafetyIF:7.129
  • Inflammation-Stimulated MSC-Derived Small Extracellular Vesicle miR-27b-3p Regulates Macrophages by Targeting CSF1 to Promote Temporomandibular Joint Condylar Regeneration

    相关产品:SparkZol Reagent产品货号: AC0101
  • Circular RNA circACSL1 aggravated myocardial inflammation and myocardial injury by sponging miR-8055 and regulating MAPK14 expression

    相关产品:SparkZol Reagent产品货号: AC0101
    发表刊物:Cell Death & DiseaseyIF:8.469
  • IdentificationofacircRNA/miRNA/mRNAceRN NetworkasaCellCycle-RelatedRegulatorfor ChronicSinusitiswithNasalPolyps

    相关产品:SparkZol Reagent产品货号: AC0101
    发表刊物:Journal of Inflammatio nResearcIF:6.922
  • Hsa_circ_0038386-mediated competitive endogenous RNA network in recurrent implantation failure

    相关产品:SparkZol Reagent产品货号: AC0101
  • Paeonol protects renal tubular cells against cadmium-induced cytotoxicity via alleviating oxidative stress, inhibiting inflammatory responses and restoring autophagy

    相关产品:SparkZol Reagent产品货号: AC0101
    发表刊物:Journal of Inorganic BiochemistryIF:4.155
  • Hyperthermia inhibits growth of nasopharyngeal carcinoma through degradation of c-Myc

    相关产品:SparkZol Reagent产品货号: AC0101
    发表刊物:International Journal of HyperthermiaIF:3.9
  • Identification of candidate biomarkers correlated with poor prognosis of breast cancer based on bioinformatics analysis

    相关产品:SparkZol Reagent产品货号: AC0101
  • Brewing rich 2-phenylethanol beer from cassava and its producing metabolisms in yeast

    相关产品:SparkZol Reagent产品货号: AC0101
    发表刊物:Journal of the Science of Food and AgricultureIF:2.614
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